Happy 4th of July!


🙈🙉🙊 (at Yada 801)

🙈🙉🙊 (at Yada 801)

Hey Yada! I'm Krish from London and I work with a creative marketing/advertisement company and my current project is about feet and what they mean to people. I've seen from your tumblr that you've got an awesome set of tattoos and I saw recently you had one on your feet. I was wondering if you could share why you got a tattoo on your foot? There's no pressure to do so, but I think your thoughts would be really interesting for our project! Thanks!

hi krish and thank you. well about my tattoo on my feet. i have to say it was mean nothing to me. my tattoo artist want to do this and also i think it gonna be awesome if i have tattoo under feet. because nobody gonna see it when i walk or wearing shoes and when i show my tattoo to people they gonna say ” why you do this ” ” what is mean to you ” or awesome and ouch that gonna be painful ” and all i can do is smelling :) i kinda love it so i have a big thank for my wonderful tattoo artist. she is a girl and never give up to try anything new.

@tattoo in progress #ink  (at yada 801)

@tattoo in progress #ink (at yada 801)

Tattoo still in progress …  Still far

Tattoo still in progress … Still far

Well …. So much painful

Well …. So much painful

your ink is beautiful and you are very pretty

Thank you so much :) 

Can’t wait for new #tattoo by @natch79  (at yada 801)

Can’t wait for new #tattoo by @natch79 (at yada 801)

😽😽 (at yada 801)

😽😽 (at yada 801)